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Laser Engraved into
Genuine Polished Marble

Send us or e-mail us your original photographs along with any special wording or instructions and we do the rest!
Satin Lined Gift Box
It's time to remember...
7" x 5" Rectangle Tile with
4" Wooden Easel.
Gift Boxed   $65. Landscape View
See Larger View
A cherished loved one is remembered with her image and words written by her adoring husband.
...Words alone cannot express my most sincere gratitude and appreciation for the beautiful Memorial Plaque remembering my wife, Ann. I show it to everyone at work and they were in awe. No one realized that such a beautiful tribute could even be created. Thank you for creating such a unique and lasting tribute to my beloved wife. I will always treasure it. It is as beautiful as she was. Sincere thanks. Officer Gary T. RIAC Police Department.